Super Photonics Plus

Biophotonics iis a branch of quantum biology dealing with interactions between single-photons and biological matter in order to understand the inner workings of cells and tissues in living organisms. It is probably the best solution for understanding cell function by integrating molecular activities within the living cells.

AFritz-Albert Popp is the inventor of biophoton theory, and has coined the term bio photons which refer to coherent photons emitted from biological organisms. Biophoton theory concerns DNA as the most probable source of biophoton emission.

Unfortunately we no longer live in an environment rich in biophotons like our grandparents. Through the processes of cavitation and capture, the quantum physicists isolated their biophotons in order to allow us from the water to transmit them to our cells. What happens when you put a few drops of Super Photonics Plus in your water?

Water is remodeled, destructive memories are eliminated and bio-photon abundance is restored Unstructured water molecules are structured Information is created from misinformation Corrupted electromagnetic frequencies are transformed The beneficial electromagnetic frequencies are accumulated Electricity and water conductivity are restored The basicity of water is restored