Bio disc QUANTUM 10K


This mineral is ideal for bones, eliminating muscle cramps, fractures and bone settlement. It maintains keratin (skin, hair and nails), prevents cavitation of bones and teeth. Depending on its function, each element will intervene at its level for a better efficiency of your complex.

Calcium is the most absorbent mineral salt in the body

The human body contains 1000 to 1200 g: 99% is located in the bones, 1% is diluted in the blood. it accounts for 2% of body weight. Calcium is necessary for the mineralization of bones and teeth throughout life. It also intervenes in many vital processes: muscular contraction, blood coagulation, blood pressure, transmission of nerve impulses, hormonal functions, enzymatic activity, cell renewal. Calcium deficiency can have long-term effects on bone and dental health, and cause muscle cramps in the shorter term. To meet this requirement, foods rich in calcium are recommended

Particularity of natural living care

Coral calcium more absorbent and can be use by elderly and kids. Contains:


Magnesium acts on nervous balance, sleep, muscles and digestion. To find a correct intake of magnesium, the preferred foods are pulses, green vegetables, chocolate and whole grains. The diet can be supplemented by a consumption of mineral water (photonique and structured water), rich in magnesium

Magnesium and calcium are very related: a lack of magnesium causes a decrease in calcium since it will be pumped by the cells in place of the missing magnesium. Result: a lack of magnesium can also be detected by its consequence, that is to say a lack of calcium (hypocalcaemia)

Vitamin D d3 form

The elderly, pregnant women and people of low weight are most affected by vitamin D deficiency, responsible for muscle pain and weakness, fatigue and bone abnormalities in the most severe cases. Vitamin D is hard to find in the diet. However, fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel are among the richest foods in vitamin D. Short exposure to the sun two to three times a week helps to meet the vitamin D requirements