Natural Super Clean

Common questions

1. What are the indications for the Super Clean Herbal Tampon?

It consists of a variety of purely natural and precious traditional Asian medicines, It has the unique therapeutic effect on irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, avulsion and uterine fibroid, ovarian cysts, and uterine polyps.

And it has the effects of clearing away heat and toxic materials, diminishing inflammation and sterilizing system of cervical erosion, various vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and adnexitis. In addition, it can also regulate endocrine, improves skin smoothness, eliminate dark spots, chloasma faciei and shrink vaginal.

2. Why is this product safe?

The product is manufactured using 100% natural herbs. No chemical additive.

3.The inventing of Super Clean Tampon created a new model of female ?

detoxification for treatment of gynecological diseases. The female ovary function declines over menstruation, life cycle, so also hormonal decline, and vagina acidity reduces. Immunity is weaken, it becomes extremely easy to suffer bacteria infection. This results in a large number of necrotic tissue cells in the uterus, after some time, forming toxic scale, adhesion in the lining of the uterus and folds, which is the leading cause of gynecological diseases in women. Therefore female uterine years of silt is the root cause of various gynecological diseases. With the century-old formula of Super Clean Tampon, it aims to clear the silt and detox uterus. Required of a grain of tampon, which within 48 hours it will clean womb and the vagina of the aging stasis poison.

Advantage 1:Cleaning uterus and detoxification, antiphlogistic sterilization, drug directly to the focus, strongly targeted, Super Clean Tampon through vaginal administration, effective ingredients within 10 minutes of rapid evaporation, It strongly absorbs toxins from the uterus, and then out of the body, so as to fundamentally prevent and cure various gynecological diseases.

Advantage 2: It can activate activity of vaginal cells, and clean drug residue in the body. With an obvious function of cell regeneration,Super Clean tampon can improve the vitality of uterine cells, repair necrotic cells, promote smoothness and restore muscle elasticity, so as to achieve the purpose of shrinking vagina within 48 hours. In addition, Super Clean Tampon will not dissolve in the vagina, will not cause siltation residue, consumers can be rest assured to use.

Advantage 3: It can maintain ovaries, adjust endocrine, Super Clean Tampon can effectively activate ovarian cells, keep ovaries in the best state, and finally achieve the normal function of ovarian hormones, in addition to this, it can make skin ruddy and shiny.

Advantage 4: Promoting blood circulation and skin appearance, Super Clean Tampon can make second pulse qi and blood unobstructed, invigorate qi and enrich blood, eliminate the lumbar muscle sourness and increase viginal tightness, at the same time it eliminates stubborn facial pigment, removes facial dark, spots and makes the skin delicate, pain, tender, shiny, without pigmentation and restores beautiful appearance.

Advantage 5: Super Clean Tampon is a combination of modern technology and traditional Chinese medicine. It contains 100% natural herbs and no side effects. Super Clean Tampon is an external product. It avoids direct damage to gastroenteritis membrane as is the cause with oral drugs. Oral drugs also cause negative effect on liver and kidney. So it can fundamentally solve human body's dependence on drugs and side effects.

4.How to use?

After rinsing the vagina and vulva at night, put one piece into the vagina. Take out after 48 hours. After 2 days, take a new pill and put it in. Use 4 pills continuously(4 pills for a course of treatment). Continue the follow up after menstruation. Healthy women who have the requirement for personal hygiene can discharge vaginal silt for the first time by using 4pills as recommended above, and then use 1-2 pill per month to sustainably clean the uterus, vagina and other reproductive organs, so as to prevent gynecological diseases and protect the vagina.

Natural Super Clean